Networks On Demand is the registered Business Name and trading name for NOD Business Services Pty Ltd, a company registered in South Australia in 1995. (just remember ‘NOD‘). Our business provides networked computer and high-resolution video surveillance solutions for business, government units, as well as home users.

Networks On Demand serves clients mainly in metropolitan Adelaide in the southern and western suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. Our clients are generally small businesses with up to 50 employees, and these organisations may have only one or two file servers to provide for their computer network needs.

Since the late 2000’s we have undertaken the supply and installation of Mobotix Hi Resolution network video security systems. We’ve expanded into this area because the devices involved are actually networked computers, not simply cameras. We’ve provided these to clients who realise that Mobotix IP based video systems provide vastly superior images, and these clients include Blackwood High School, Brighton Secondary School, Glenunga International High School, the SA Metropolitan Fire Service, O’Sullivan Beach boat ramp (Onkaparinga City Council), commercial businesses and private clients. A single presentation to each of our clients has been sufficient to convince them of the merits of adopting Mobotix systems.

To be a little more specific, we supply, install, configure, and maintain devices that communicate through computer data networks, including:

  • computers
  • file servers
  • switches
  • wireless access points
  • routers
  • printers and
  • Mobotix IP based Hi-Resolution video cameras.

We also install the required software to enable users to manage these devices. Computer data networks typically use “Cat 5e” or “Cat6” Ethernet cable and / or Wireless (‘Wi-Fi”) infrastructure to communicate between devices.

Our network services are provided to a wide range of clients including hotels, service, logistics, manufacturing, and restaurant businesses, schools and public service organisations.

More Information?

For information about anything on this web site, or for a copy of MX Installer Magazine with lots of information about Mobotix video surveillance cameras, please email us:, or call 0418855953.

At Networks On Demand, the customer always comes first:  just give NOD the nod!