From the South Australian Police Web site…”Update on North Adelaide sexual assault – South Australia Police News Friday, 7 September 2012  4:44pm.

In the past 24 hours the detectives investigating Wednesday night’s sexual assault in North Adelaide have collected 100’s of hours of CCTV and door knocked dozens of homes seeking information.  The attack, on a 23-year-old woman occurred in Gover Street, North Adelaide at about midnight on Wednesday night.

Detectives from Sex Crimes Investigation Branch are urgently reviewing the CCTV they have obtained from more than 20 sources.  However, police ask you to urgently contact them if you have a business in North Adelaide, in the vicinity of O’Connell Street, and you have recorded CCTV. “

What the press release did not say, but which the Police spokesman referred to in his press conference, was that the quality of the CCTV recordings made available to the police was disappointing. This suggests that the types of cameras in use in the O’Connell / Gover streets area are perhaps typical low resolution video cameras and / or that the lighting in the area was too poor for good quality images.

Mobotix video cameras, as supplied by Networks On Demand, probably would provide much better resolution images.

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