More and more people, especially the younger generation, have iPhones and other Smartphones that we spend an increasing amount of time on to catch up with Facebook and Twitter postings, or even to check our bank balances. Every posting we read or send, every Google search contributes to the data charges we incur when using the mobile phone networks.

How many of us appreciate that where such phones have a Wi-Fi capability (and many do) the phone will automatically use the Wi-Fi connection in preference to the 3G mobile carrier network?  That’s if the phone has been configured ofcourse to use that network. If the user is regularly in a given location with an available  WAP (Wireless Access Point), it would be financially wise to try to use that Wi-Fi connection. Certainly if you have Wi-Fi at home the data charges incurred through your home ADSL service will be much less than those incurred through your phone plan… and it will be much faster!

Most WAPs are configured with security requiring a pass phrase to obtain a connection, but not all and an Internet search will quickly reveal the location of some 134 free Wi-Fi “hot spots” around Adelaide. Examples include every McDonald’s restaurant, Cibo Espresso, The Bean Bar and Un Caffè Bar premises. A good place to start is to review the information at

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