Back in January 2014 – having recently acquired an Internet capable television – I enquired online about downloading movies. It seems I opened a trial subscription with a mob called Hulamedia in the US, and I must have provided a credit card.  I think I downloaded a single movie, but found that the titles available were not to our liking. Being busy, I also obviously forgot that the trial subscription became a permanent one.

18 months later and I see a charge on my credit card from  that I’ve never heard of. However – and here’s me being open about my carelessness – I find I’ve been paying US$16.35 and more each and every month since January 2014, because Hulamedia has morphed into Donnaplay, and I’ve NEVER noticed it on my statements as the amount was not very significant.  I have immediately cancelled the accounts with both organisations.

So here’s the lesson: do not sign up for free trials which require a credit card, and remember to carefully check your monthly statement, so you can query it!

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