In this age, there will be very few businesses that don’t already have computers and they will probably be part of a network, even if the users don’t appreciate it.  As soon as two or more computers exist in a business and start sharing an ADSL (Internet) connection, a computer network exists. As more computers are made part of the network, users are able to share access to the internet, printers, scanners and other devices, not to mention the sharing of files / documents. This is a traditional and well recognised benefit of sharing resources and makes networking financially advantageous.

How to network

We have two basic choices, wired or wireless, and this applies to businesses as well as home networks. In a small network, the communications may be achieved using wireless, but a more stable network will require a wired / Cat5e or better cabled network. While it may seem obvious, when you weigh up the options, a network based on a dedicated server has the capability to provide at least the following:

  • centralized ‘store and print’ facilities
  • security features to protect the business and user’ data
  • professional and flexible data as well as system backup solutions
  • business standard and locally managed email for internal and external use
  • the ability for staff to work remotely and still access office data files
  • fully featured anti malware facilities.

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