Why would you want to have a network in your home?

Consider these scenarios:

  1. There are several computers in the home, with each user wanting access to the internet
  2. Several users need to be able to print to the same printer
  3. People in the home have one or more iPhone or smart phone devices and want to use the home WiFi in preference to their 3G mobile connection
  4. You have bought a large flat screen TV which is Internet capable and you need to be able to browse the ‘net from your lounge room
  5. You’ve set up a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device with plenty of disk capacity which stores movies you’ve obtained, as well as music, and you want to be able to stream this media to your digital TV and computers
  6. You have a rare Internet streaming radio and want to listen to overseas internet radio stations in FM quality
  7. Your home is protected by IP based video surveillance cameras such as the Mobotix cameras we sell, and these require a working network connection.

None of the above are far fetched, and the most effective way to satisfy the varying requirements is to establish a wired / WiFi network in and around your home.  Need some help? Get in touch with us via Contacts page.