How often have you watched a TV news item showing video of a robbery and noted the poor quality of the images? Welcome to the world of Mobotix High-resolution video systems.

Mobotix (pronounced ‘mow-bot-ix’) is regarded as the global market leader for high-resolution video systems.


High Definition refers to Television (ie HDTV). In the security / surveillance industry “HD” cameras do not offer anything special in terms of picture quality or colour clarity, and these cameras are simply 720 or 1080 pixel cameras. The quality of their images will be a good as the first digital snap shot cameras of the mid 1990s. High quality can mean anything.  If you are considering what to invest in, investigate and compare the resolution offered in pixels by the competing product: we doubt that you will be able to find a camera product comparable to Mobotix cameras, since these are capable of much better resolution. If you are concerned to be able to physically inspect Mobotix cameras – as you might in a store – contact us for an in house demonstration.

Why would you want a product offering a much larger pixel – i.e. higher-resolution system? Well, because with a much higher resolution, there is far greater accuracy and detail in the image. With conventional / legacy analogue technology, a recorded image generally has no more than 0.1 megapixels (CIF standard). A single MOBOTIX camera with 3.1 megapixels records around 30 times more detail.  As a result, larger image areas with greatly expanded views are possible, thereby reducing the number of cameras required, and of course the costs involved.

A major feature of several of the Mobotix cameras is the 180 and even 360 degree image available. This enables the camera to capture a vastly wider view of the available image. The best example Networks On Demand has installed that we can demonstrate is in the wall mounted Q24 camera in the Engine Room of the Adelaide HQ of the South Australian MFS (Metropolitan Fire Service), as per the image below (click once on the image to see the 180 degree view).

MFS ER-North

The next example is a service station where the clarity of the image has enabled the proprietor to identify a petrol thief who had stopped across the road to remove his front number plate before doing a U-turn to commit the petrol theft and drive – off offence. NB: This is just one camera: how many cameras can you see where you buy your fuel?

Hi-Res Security Cameras

Hi-Res Security Cameras

One of the most outstanding examples is this rail subway platform in China:

Mobotix Camera Systems

This is from a single wall mounted Q24 Mobotix Camera!

A short movie clip of this scene is available at

The latest development by Mobotix – which is actually a software company – is an upgrade to the camera firmware which allows a Mobotix camera to provide its owner with analytical data. Examples of  this include the following:

  • the camera is able to record the number of people or objects (eg vehicles) which pass through a particular point in the camera’s view;
  • ‘heat zones’ can be generated to show which shelves in a retail establishment are attracting a larger number of customers, enabling the proprietor to re-arrange his products to improve sales of under performing  products.  The example below shows the major traffic areas in a the lobby of a building:

Highest traffic areas

PS: when looking at the images on this web site taken with the cameras we have installed, remember that you’re looking at an image reduced in size to suit the web page, and for quicker down loading to your screen. When the real image is viewed, there is much more information to see.