Mobotix cameras are uniquely different in the following respects:

  • they are actually Linux computers comprising processor, memory, data storage, microphone, speaker, network connection, and other features
  • have nil moving parts, and most are IP65 rated
  • are powered ‘over ethernet’ (via network cable)
  • firmware may be readily upgraded at nil cost
  • come with free software, but may be used with a web browser, and

(most important of all) represent a decentralised system NOT relying on a centralised DVR (video recorder) to process and store all the images.

The essential difference between Mobotix cameras and older CCTV systems is that Mobotix images are simply a large series of .JPG (graphics / photo) files. If you’re old enough to remember how the Walt Disney show demonstrated how cartoons¬† were made, they rapidly flicked through a series of ever changing drawings to show the cartoon characters moving, then you’ll understand that playing back Mobotix ‘footage’ is rapidly viewing a large number of .JPG files that are each slightly different to the preceeding one.

You may have realised how easy it is for you to zoom in on something contained in a digital image you are viewing on a computer: its as easy scrolling the mouse wheel. That’s how Mobotix images can be digitally zoomed. The free Mobotix MX Control Centre software also enables zooming in on video sequences that are being played back from a recording. I.E: you can zoom in on recorded video images, not just the live images..

The Mobotix range of cameras is manufactured in Germany. Most of them are housed in extremely tough IP65 rated housings: that means they’re weatherproof.