Mobotix cameras are available for a wide range of situations.

Single Lens cameras:

Single Lens Cameras

Single Lens Mobotix M24 Camera

M24 with flexible wall or ceiling mount, and a robust design that will withstand most conditions.


Mobotix Camera Systems

Single Lens Mobotix D24 Camera


D24 dome ceiling camera which is also available with a wall mount, or optional in-ceiling mount.

Dual Lens Cameras:


Mobotix Camera Systems

Dual Lens Mobotix M12 Camera

The M12 Camera is designed to work in the most extreme conditions anywhere in Australia (e.g. Antarctica). It comes with fixed colour (day) and black & white (night) lenses that provide good video security surveillance.


Mobotix Camera Systems

Dual Lens Mobotix D14 Camera


The D14 is a dual lens camera that can be supplied with either colour (day) or black & white (night) lenses, which are positioned and fixed at the time of installation. The lenses are first chosen taking account of desired vertical and horizontal angles; focal length and aperture.

Hemispheric Lens Cameras:


Mobotix Camera Systems

Hemispheric Mobotix Q24 Camera