Mobotix has ensured that there is a high level of security associated with its products.

Quality Construction

Mobotix Cameras are manufactured with an extremely tough casing which is virtually indestructible. Construction of the internal components including printed circuit board, associated components, and lenses shows typical German quality. Even the fittings for mounting the cameras are engineered of high quality and with detailed instructions and templates for installation.

Secure Access

Much less expensive (and inferior) cameras may work and be accessible as soon as they are installed and connected. When not enabled for public access, Mobotix Cameras can only be reached with a username and password.  While each camera comes with a default admin user and associated password, these are normally changed when installed on location, and other user accounts may also be created.

It is important to note that if the login credentials are lost, or the camera is stolen, the only way the camera can be accessed involves it being sent back to the factory in Germany at a cost to the end user. Mobotix has a record of whom the camera was sold to, and a stolen camera is effectively useless to the thief.

Similar to computer networks, Mobotix cameras allow for the creation of  groups which represent users. Preset factory default User Groups exist for:

admins = whose users can execute all the functions;

users = have access to all camera screens, the Setup menu for image and exposure settings, as well as event control

guests = users of this group only have access to the live image with limited frame rates.