We have considerable experience with installation of Mobotix cameras in schools. They are well suited to locations for monitoring student behaviour, including class rooms and locker areas, perhaps enabling fewer teachers to be involved in this outside class times. In addition, Mobotix cameras can provide a valuable deterrent for preventing and monitoring vandalism and damage outside of school hours.

The use of Mobotix video cameras in schools has assisted in recovery of repair costs from parents of students committing vandalism, reduced thefts from student lockers, and even enabled assault claims to be verified. In an age when bullying in schools is frequently reported, the availability of independent images of student behaviour is a distinct advantage to school administrators.

There are a number of examples available on the Internet where Mobotix cameras have been used in educational institutions in Australia and elsewhere. One of the better examples is St. Patricks use Mobotix at Ballarat, Victoria.

Hi-Res video cameras are well suited to monitor external perimeter areas of buildings during daylight and night times to catch vandalism and burglary attempts. We’ve installed Mobotix cameras in school libraries and locker areas; passageways, outside amenity areas, as well as in cafeterias.

Examples of our installations include the images taken by the following cameras:

Passageway with lockers and classrooms

Passageway with lockers and classrooms


The Q24 is literally the most fantastic example of what is possible with one Mobotix camera that has just a single lens. When ceiling mounted it is capable of dividing a room into 4 discrete views, or in a corridor it can provide views of both sides as shown in these examples:

Mobotix Camera Systems

Ceiling mounted Q24 camera (L) over a classroom with one camera able to cover all four corners with amazing clarity, and (R) another over internal passageway showing lockers both sides.

Should you be considering video surveillance for any part of your school in the future, you must at least investigate what Mobotix cameras can offer: please call us for a no obligation presentation / demonstration via the Contact page.