Whether your business is a retail outlet (eg shop or restaurant), commercial premises, office or warehouse, a Mobotix video security system can save you money. A single Mobotix camera can do the job of up to six conventional / analogue cameras. That’s because they have much higher resolution, and the capability of offering 180 and 360 degree views.

Mobotix equipment has been installed with considerable success in licensed premises, to monitor patron behaviour, record armed hold ups and even to track point of sale transactions using a system developed by
Hotel-H&L POS integration.

In an office situation Mobotix cameras can be very useful to monitor and record:

  • public behaviour in reception areas, where members of the public may attend
  • evidence of workplace pilfering / employee behaviour
  • events leading to workplace accidents

Bear these choices in mind when designing your office or factory layout.

An example of a single ceiling mounted Q24 camera doing the job of perhaps four conventional cameras is shown below. This is a view split between the front and rear areas of a Glenelg restaurant:

Q24 Ceiling mount w 10 degree offset

Ceiling mounted Q24 Camera in dual panorama mode

Consider this single camera mounted on the ceiling of your jewellery store, pharmacy or delicatessen.  Or on the wall of your business’ reception desk, providing you with, and recording the images of those shoppers and visitors who are there to do business with you. Alternatively, should this person have ulterior motives for being in your premises, you will have quite a good image of the person should you later find there has been a theft, burglary or even robbery.