It’s that time of year when we in the southern hemisphere get to take a break. Some of us don’t get a long break, and at times unfortunately this is also when some students may get bored, and are left to their own devices. The Unley School Fire 2011 is one such example, where one million dollars worth of damage was caused.

History is full of incidents where young people decide to commit acts of vandalism against schools they may have attended, by breaking in and stealing items like computers or simply damaging classrooms and fittings. In the worst cases some don’t want to go back to the school when the next term starts, and classrooms are destroyed.

The administrators of some schools have been proactive in ensuring that they have video surveillance systems in place to guard against such disasters.  An example of a school (St. Patricks use Mobotix) that has acted to install such a system is St Patrick’s at Ballarat where Mobotix cameras monitor internal and external areas of the college.  An issue for some schools is the concern at the cost of such a deployment where large and dispersed areas may need to be monitored. If you are involved in considering this question, bear in mind that Mobotix cameras with their much higher resolution can monitor much larger areas and will typically do the job of 4 conventional cameras. Secondly, remember that the cameras can be configured to email alerts when video motion events are detected.