One of the incredible features of the Mobotix video system is the ability to zoom in on recorded video footage.  This under rated capability is not always well understood or even described in documentation, but it is the one feature that end users would like to have if they realised it was available – and it is!

The Mobotix MX Control Centre ‘Professional Video Management’ manual details how the enhanced virtual PTZ features enable the user to zoom pan and tilt the camera images in live recording mode in section 3.2.9 of that manual.  Later in the same manual at section 3.5.7 the reader will find how to do the same thing with recorded images, so that the viewer can zoom, pan and tilt on the video footage as it is being replayed from the recording. You can’t do that with the football game you’ve recorded and are playing back, can you?

To save you the job of finding those instructions, we’ve extracted the relevant pages and created a separate PDF document which you may download here: zoom-playback